Bacon on Fire


My husband likes burned bacon.  It’s true.  We don’t have bacon very often but when we do, he would love it if I would blacken it.  I’m fine with cooking it really well done but I don’t like to purposely destroy food and can’t bring myself to actually burn it — though ironically, my own grilled cheese sandwich got dangerously close to being charred a few minutes ago because I wasn’t paying attention as I sat here writing this.  When my husband is in a restaurant ordering breakfast, he has been known to ask that the cook burn the bacon. Some places assure him that they will, yet no one actually ever has — no one that is, except one person at a Holiday Inn in Pocatello, Idaho a few years ago.  He was thrilled.  I swear that I catch him when we’re planning trips, looking at the map for routes that angle down through southern Idaho.

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2 Responses

  1. Judi says:

    If I would have known, I would have put the bacon I burned in the freezer and saved it for your next trip to Chicago. It was totally black, perhaps even too burned for Dick. Have you tried my favorite sandwich, peanut butter and bacon?

    • Mary Kunkel/Lightly Tethered Admin says:

      I LOVE peanut butter and bacon! My mother used to add a thin slice of onion to that combo.

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