Dennis Brown and the Crocker’s Cows

Several years ago I was out walking with Jake, our dog at that time. The people about a mile away owned a few cows who that morning had escaped and were wandering around the road. Jake, though large and intimidating in appearance, was sweet and timid and the cows terrified him. He hid behind me and was absolutely no help in trying to convince them to go back where they belonged. I envisioned a car careening down the road and into the three huge creatures, who truthfully didn’t seem all that bright about traffic. The houses in that area weren’t close together and Jake and I took off for the first one, where it turned out that no one was home. I saw at the next place, a man whom I knew out in his yard. “I don’t know nothin’ about cows”, was his response and he went into the house and shut the door. At the next place, Dennis Brown was outside working. “The Crocker’s cows are out in the road”, I shouted and Dennis swiftly put down what he was doing and came with me. I asked him if he knew how to round up cows. “Nope”, he said. “But I’m willing to try. Someone should do something.” Thank you, Dennis, for reminding me that it’s important to just try.

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  1. Mary…..these are good, besides being interesting. Mother always wanted to be a published writer. Maybe she passed along her dream to you.

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