Disappearing Houses

More than one of the houses that we lived in over the years, has vanished. The place that housed our family in North Carolina burned to the ground shortly after we moved away. The house in Texas where we lived for six years was bulldozed and there’s nothing left but a pecan tree in an empty city lot where that house stood. It reminds me a little of the photograph in “Back to the Future”, the one where the people slowly disappear as Marty tries to amend the past. I definitely don’t want our family history to be erased and I now find myself compulsively going through old photos. For years I have had recurrent dreams concerning the Texas house — sometimes disturbing dreams. I wonder if my dreams will stop, now that I know the house no longer exists. Stay tuned………………..

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3 Responses

  1. Carol Tomlanovich says:

    Mary, your house in Eagle River is still standing, although it’s had a few owners over the years. It’s a redwood color. Was that the original color? When it was re-roofed several years ago, the owners put a metal roof on – blue.

    • Mary Kunkel says:

      The redwood color is the one it had — but the blue metal roof is new. It kind of gave me a start when I saw it, last time I was up there!

  2. Jane says:

    Finally had a few minutes to read your blog entries. Enjoyed them all but feel bad I never had a nickname as creative and interesting as those you mentioned! Poor me. But good for you, Mary, for this new enterprise.

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