I’m reading one of my Eckhart Tolle books for the third time, enjoying it again. This particular book centers on our attachment to the ego.  When Eckhart Tolle talks about ego, he’s not talking about the self image we have of ourselves — he’s talking about the “I” that lives inside each of us.  Ego judges, takes affronts personally, wants to be right, is obsessed with an identity centered around making sure the world is absolutely aware of who we are. Even if we were to give up everything, the ego would likely try and take charge, making sure everyone knew us as the noble person who did that.  The goal is to try to get ego out of the picture, kind of like Arya on HBO’s Game of Thrones, who is becoming “no one”.  So lately I’ve been having conversations with my ego.  It’s been engaged for enough years.  I’m giving it permission to retire.

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  1. Billie Tveit says:

    I was involved with book studies with Eckhart Tolle. I guess it was my ego but I was so angry through most of the group sessions. It bugged me that he could sit on a bench (depressed of course) for 2 years and then come up with his theories. I was busy working, keeping a house, and other duties assigned to a busy life. I am calmer now and could probably read his books again. One of our book group members had “This to shall pass” on her forearm. I always tell her to read her forearm when she posts on Facebook and bitches about life.

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