Eye of Newt, Leg of Spider

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I’ve been obsessed with a certain granola lately and have taken to leaving a bag of it open on the countertop  so I can reach in and grab a handful to stuff in my mouth whenever I pass.  This morning I decided to sit down and eat it in a more traditional way, with an actual bowl and spoon.  I scooped some of my favorite Brown Cow vanilla yogurt into a bowl and began adding a proportionate amount of granola, a small amount at a time.  All of a sudden I looked down and noticed the mixture moving a little, just in time to see a large spider emerge indignantly from my cereal.  It only had only a small amount of yogurt on a couple of its legs so I scooped up the poor, confused thing and put it outside. It scurried off between the boards of the deck and appeared to be quite well, despite having acquired a slight limp from having to drag its yogurt-covered appendages. Back inside, I couldn’t bring myself to throw the delicious concoction away so I ate it anyway but I couldn’t get rid of the creepy image and throughout the entire breakfast, I imagined spider legs in my cereal. Miss Muffett’s reaction probably was more appropriate. For sure it would have been more sanitary.



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