Growing Ideas

Mr Rogers had a beautiful segment and a song about growing things in the garden of your mind, a piece that I love. I recently came across a video that instantly made me think of it.  It’s a short documentary on Vimeo — directed, produced and filmed by Liam Saint-Pierre.  It follows Dominic Wilcox, a man who comes up with marvelous — though not necessarily practical — inventions. One of my favorites is his headset with an earpiece that fits over each ear and then winds around to the other side of his head ending in a large trumpet shape — enabling whatever sound made on his left side to enter his right ear and vice versa.  Kind of like that old study about the brain adjusting to glasses that make everything appear upside down.  Not exactly practical as I said, but fascinating nevertheless.  I love crazy out-of-the-box thinkers.




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