I know quite a few people who are hanging on to their old flip phone rather than switching to a so-called smart phone.  For some it seems to be a dislike of change.  For others it’s an annoyance at being stuck having to pay for an internet data plan.  A few days ago I had breakfast with four friends, one of whom fits into that category.  She referred to the rest of us as her “finger flicking friends”  as we swiped and tapped another scheduled breakfast time into our phones and she whipped out a paper calendar and pencil to write it down.  One of the others suggested we do a phone intervention, steal her flip phone and throw it hard, against the wall.  Or as an alternative, drive over it with a car.  I suspect she might go out and get another just like it.  If she could find one.

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2 Responses

  1. Mary Kunkel/Lightly Tethered Admin says:

    I had a feeling that you would be, Adeline. 😉

  2. Adeline Daly says:

    I am in complete agreement with your wise friend.

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