Luna in Love

Luna’s in love. She likes everyone, but is completely head over heels for our UPS driver. Adam is a lovely person and he does bring her a dog biscuit when he stops, but her feelings go above and beyond mere infatuation. She rushes out the door when she sees him, runs in circles around the yard, hoping to impress him with her speed and agility, throws herself submissively in front of him looking for a belly rub, then begs him to pick her up — which, if he’s not in a hurry, he does. Her love affair coincided with the onset of the pandemic because we stopped going to stores and had more things delivered. We’re mostly doing curbside pickup these days, yet Luna continues to watch for Adam and is as distraught as a spurned lover when she sees his truck pass and not stop. Yesterday she and I were on a walk and she became all aquiver when she spied the UPS truck down the road. It turned out to be a substitute driver, a nice guy who stopped when he saw her jumping around in the road excitedly. When I explained the situation, he told us Adam was on vacation for two weeks, offered Luna a cookie and asked where we lived. Today we weren’t home and apparently UPS made a delivery. A box was left on our porch, with a dog cookie prominently placed on top of the package.

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