Pet Priorities


I have had the same pet sitter for over fifteen years — she’s one of the few other people I know who makes a regular habit of anthropomorphizing animals and we appreciate one another.  She actually surpasses me in that department — I haven’t yet taught my pets to eat from a fork at the table — and I don’t spend the night on the sofa because my cats prefer to sleep with me there, rather than on the bed. My petsitter was telling me about a high school class reunion she attended last summer and she was a little miffed at some of her old classmates — she had gotten the definite feeling that they had turned into self important people over the years. The classmates she was talking about were the ones that had gone on to become attorneys or owners of major stores, or were CEO’s of corporations or banks.  “For crying out loud,” she said indignantly and very seriously, “it’s not like any of them had become a veterinarian!”

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