Right Brain, Left Brain

I spent last weekend in a bodywork class.  It was an incredibly fun class, full of good information delivered by the most entertaining instructor I’ve encountered in maybe my whole life.  There were about twenty of us in the class — twelve or thirteen massage therapists and the rest, physical therapists.  When we arrived the morning of the first day, the chairs in the room had been arranged three to a row in two groups, with a very definite aisle down the middle of the room. Here’s the interesting thing:  We didn’t know one another. As we came in and took seats, it later turned out that the massage therapists had all chosen seats on the right side of the room, the physical therapists on the left.  The people who tend to work more in their right brain seated themselves on the right, the left brainers on the other side.  I found this fascinating. Was there some sort of vibe going on or was it coincidence??

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