Walking, But Not After Midnight


I look forward to walks with my dog — it’s my thinking time — and the other day I fervently wished that I had pinned a “Do Not Disturb” sign on myself.  Shortly after I left home I was halted by my accordion-playing friend up the road, who pulled over in his car to let me know that he is practicing carols, in case we have a block party over the holidays. I had barely gotten moving again when my neighbor to the north drove by and stopped to tell me details about a promotion he’s getting at work. I went a little further and ran into the neighbor from the other side of my house. She was out walking as well, heading in the opposite direction — and we commiserated a while about the computer issue we shared.  By the time I got home, I was frustrated — and when I saw the young man with the new job waving me over, I thought, “Oh no, not more chit chat!” He wanted to say that he had seen me talking with our other neighbor when he passed us on his way back and he felt so lucky to live in such a wonderful, friendly neighborhood.  I had been so self absorbed that I had left gratitude at home. I’m happy he reminded me.


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