What Do You DO?!?

One of our sons had a “milestone” birthday a couple of weeks ago. There was a large multi-generational party with thirty or forty people, including ten kids. Parental perks included helping plan the party and attending it, though we left considerably earlier than the people who stayed until two the next morning. One very nice woman, the wife of a man I’ve known for years, discovered we had just moved to the Seattle area last summer. She graciously welcomed us and hoped we liked it here. Then she asked, “What do you DO all day up there in Shoreline?” with what seemed to be genuine concern. I was at a loss. I wanted to say I was working on a cure for cancer or facilitating peace in the Middle East but as far as I’ve gone toward the Middle East is frequenting a nearby Turkish Market. So when she asked, I honestly couldn’t think what to say. The truth is, I love being here. I write, I read, I take long walks. I go to the saltwater park a mile from our house and watch the sun set over the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Or I walk along the waterfront and watch the ferries coming and going. I study Spanish in a group class on Zoom. I see our kids and grandkids a lot without having to drive 300 miles across the state and wondering if the Interstate over the Cascades will be closed due to snow or avalanche and for how long. I wish I had thought to tell her those things.


Photo courtesy Kranich17 at Pixabay.com





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  1. Jane says:

    Say “oh, nothing.” And smile sweetly.

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