Eat Dessert First


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A few weeks ago, I was eating in a restaurant that offered free soft serve ice cream to its patrons. Customers were invited to help themselves, an enticement that I don’t believe the owners were foolish to add and I personally loved being able to make myself a swirly ice cream cone at the end of my meal. I’m not ordinarily a huge fan of soft serve ice cream but when I was there, I couldn’t resist that darn machine.  Part of the appeal was seeing if I could perfect the art of producing a beautiful twirl instead of an unattractive, nondescript glob of ice cream sitting on top of my cone. Admittedly, this required more than one attempt — and therefore, more than one cone had to be consumed. Anyway, as I sat there eating my dinner, I looked up and saw a very elderly couple come in the door of the place.  The first thing the tiny little woman did was to make a bee line to the ice cream machine and happily make herself a beautiful cone, which she scarfed down during the short time it took her husband to order dinner for them.  She had obviously learned well, the long established wisdom of eating dessert first. As the saying goes, this was not her first rodeo.

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