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Fish were a big part of life where I grew up in far northern Wisconsin.  Muskie, walleye, bass or trout — whitefish and sturgeon from the big lake, Superior.  Best of all was the springtime run of smelt — delicious  just pan fried in butter and gobbled up, bones and all. Substantial cash prizes were offered weekly for the largest fish caught and the winning specimens were displayed in refrigerated cases on the main street of town.  Friday night fish frys were — and still are — a staple at the restaurants in that neck of the woods.  And the nice man who was elected mayor there, year after year after year? Probably no coincidence that his actual first name was Pike.

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  1. Karl says:

    LOL – I never made that connection, but you’re probably correct. I remember Pike because when we spent spring through fall out at the lake, he drove the school but that picked us up out on Dollar Lake Road. Until it got too cold anyway, because the lake cabin wasn’t insulated and we moved back into town for the winters.

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