Gratitude Part Deux

Something funny happened on the way to the non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner we had planned this year. One person, though we’d jointly decided the menu would be Asian, asked if we could add mashed potatoes. That was the one thing he felt sad about not having.. A small concession, I thought. Sure, why not. Then someone else said, “Wild rice is really the only part of the meal I’ll miss.” Wild rice added. Caesar salad suddenly became part of the menu. Another person happened to be in Costco the day before Thanksgiving and decided to grab some yummy sweet potatoes and a Shepherd’s Pie. One family member brought artichoke dip and his delicious homemade ginger snaps and I had made a famous-in-our-family chocolate cake, a recipe from a 1950’s Wisconsin high school home economics compilation.We ended up not only with fried rice, homemade Chinese dumplings and the from-scratch Filipino lumpia but a whole lot of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. The two things missing were ¬†pumpkin pie and a turkey. We had an amazing meal, played board games, and were extremely grateful for it all. I wonder what’ll happen next Thanksgiving!


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