Searching for a Muse

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I have always wanted a muse.  I asked a couple of people that I thought might be likely candidates for the position and every one of them turned me down.  I was surprised — who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be my muse?!  Years ago an elderly woman in Mexico sold me a little hand stitched doll that sits next to me in the place where I write stuff and she’s the closest I have to a muse around here.  “The Muse” was actually the title of a pretty funny movie with Sharon Stone and Albert Brooks. The lead character was extremely demanding as a muse and a screenwriter paid a lot of money to have her inspire him — she ended up instead, helping his wife create a very successful business.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a Sharon Stone muse/character in my life so for now it’s my little doll — or I can try and enlist my cat, I guess.  She often sits next to me and maybe I can get her to take on the role.  She could be my “mews”.

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