How Much Is That Doggie in the Window

dog-870941_788x525 copy

The office supply place where I normally shop downsized — half of their space went to the big pet store next door and now that shop has a place where they showcase dogs that are available for adoption through one of the local shelters.  When I was there the other day, I decided to browse and fell in love with a large brown dog in one of the cages — I even asked if I could take her into the official play area to spend extra time.  She was affectionate and gentle and I thought she would be a perfect companion for our dog Cinnamon.  I went next door where my husband was buying printer paper and cajoled him into hanging out with this dog — and though he admitted that the dog was wonderful and in the past we’ve had as many as four dogs at once, he really loves having just one. I grudgingly agreed — though I yammered about this wonderful creature for the next three days and even dreamed one night that I brought her home.  After a while I couldn’t stop myself from going back to see if the dog was still there. She had been adopted — probably a good thing or she’d be sitting here next to me now.

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2 Responses

  1. Karl says:

    Although the dog in the pic is most likely not the one you saw, you’ve just GOTTA love that face.

    • Mary Kunkel/Lightly Tethered Admin says:

      You are correct — the dog in the photo is not the one I saw at PetSmart. The picture comes from an online photo base but I agree — it’s a great looking dog! (“Mine” was just as cute!) 🙂

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