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A couple of days ago I read that Wayne Dyer had died.  I was not a devotee of his — no specific reason except that in the early years of 2000 when he was publishing so prolifically, I was maxed out by the sheer number of books on the market with what seemed like overly simplistic advice on releasing negative thinking and learning to make intentions.  Yesterday, through a link that my friend posted on Facebook, I was curious enough to watch a video that Dr Dyer made more recently, a movie about letting go — about learning to “be” and not “do”.  Though I’ve read a fair amount on the subject, I thought that his delivery seemed honest and straight forward — and while years ago I dismissed him as fairly arrogant, I was interested to find that his more current thoughts mesh with my own. I’m still learning not to shoot the messenger.





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  1. Karl says:

    Just as he has appeared to change, so also do we.

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