Iceberg Lettuce


I like curly, dark green leaf lettuces — my husband thinks those qualify as bitter.  He could easily live life with no lettuce except iceberg — though I keep trying to convince him that the nutritional aspects and flavor of that are pretty much nil.  Our salads tend to be mixtures that often lean a little heavily on Romaine, the chosen lettuce of compromise.  I’ve been occasionally putting some produce out for the backyard deer who comes to visit — an extra ear of corn that we cooked and didn’t eat, some bok choy that was beginning to turn slightly yellow around the edges, rinds of watermelon or cantaloupe.  I had just bought some new iceberg and there was part of the old head left so I added that to the deer’s offering, along with some whole wheat bread as an experiment.  She ate everything — EVERYTHING — except the iceberg lettuce. I rest my case.  My husband says I should have added Thousand Island dressing.

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  1. Judi says:

    Try butter leaf. I try to buy it with the roots on so I can add water and keep it longer.

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