A Brown Dog


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My dog and I serendipitously found one another eight years ago through the PetFinder website.  Cinnamon is amazingly affectionate and devoted, with a sweet and gentle nature — though admittedly at times she can be a teensy bit exuberant.  She’s very cute, and is slightly reminiscent in appearance to Benji, of movie fame.  I know plenty of people who spend money to acquire dogs of a specific breed and very early in our marriage, my husband and I did that — yet I can honestly say that our most wonderful dogs over the years have been rescues — the ones with mixed and varied parentage, those that James Herriott lovingly referred to as having “hybrid vigor”. People who discover that I am an animal lover and who are very AKC-oriented like to ask me what kind of dog it is that I have.  I take great pleasure in answering, “a brown dog”.

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2 Responses

  1. Karen Vache says:

    I so love this. I am going to steal it and instead of saying – “well she’s a rescue dog that the rescue place said was a cockapoo” I am going to answer with “she’s a happy light brown dog”.

  2. Sharman Ebbeson says:

    Yes!….and my lovable rescue dog from Joe Joe’s Place is of the very prestigious breed of “black dog with white spots”

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