Lazy Bones


Other than when my husband sings in the mornings, “Lazy Mary you gotta get up, we needs the sheets for the table”, I don’t particularly like the word lazy — there seems to be so much emphasis lately on what is deemed to be productivity.  It makes me uncomfortable to hear someone judged as lazy — and I even hear people criticize themselves as that.  There’s something to be said for not doing.  Sitting and reading a book shouldn’t have to be earned after hours of hard work. Writing, drawing and composing — either old style or on a computer —  can be rewards in themselves. I believe it’s perfectly acceptable to sometimes sit and stare out the window, watching the pattern of a bird’s flight, a deer running, a flower blooming or just daydreaming. Lazy bones, sleeping in the sun, how you gonna get your day’s work done? Part of my day’s work today might involve making pictures of the clouds in the sky.



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