Seeking Stability

Most Fridays I drive up to the Mennonite produce stand about seven miles north of where I live. Their selection may be slightly less varied than one of the large farmer’s markets with a lot of different vendors, but their fruits and vegetables are wonderful and they are lovely people. I will admit to looking at the Mennonite community with something akin to envy right now, with the current state of the world. They remain, I believe, for the most part apolitical — and the word that comes to mind as I watch them, is “contented”. I’m well aware I wouldn’t be happy for long in a structure with rigid gender roles such as they observe. What looks so attractive to me is the focus on day-to-day life in a group where everyone shares similar goals and works together for communal good. I don’t like conflict. My home life is free from that but every time I look at the news, I am discouraged. I pride myself on having friends with different political persuasions and belief systems, but every time I go to Facebook, I see my core values attacked. Anti-science. Anti-BLM. Anti-mask wearing during the pandemic. Even postings in favor of citizen militia groups. I wonder if the Mennonites would take me in, maybe even just to rest for a while.

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2 Responses

  1. Richard Huss says:

    We need people like you that express their opinions. There is a better world coming. I truly believe that we will look back at these times and make decisions based on them. America and the world won’t forget the messages we have learned.

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