Just Me and My Shadow

My husband is a hummer. I didn’t mean he has a Hummer, he does not. He is a hummer. I’d never given it much thought until the other day, when I discovered how important it is. I read, in certain Native American cultures, a person’s shadow lives a life of its own. At night, our shadows leave us and go out to explore, to do things they’re not free to do during the day. If the shadow becomes intrigued by what it experiences, it might not be willing to come back in the morning. Every person has a specific song that only its shadow will recognize so when you wake up, it’s important to be mindful and hum that tune to call your shadow back to you. Otherwise, it can feel like you are not “all together” for the day, like you woke up on the wrong side of bed. A part of you will be missing. I always figured my husband just had some tune stuck in his head but now I know all this time he’s been aware of something I only now found out. He’s been humming his shadow home.


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