New Name

I’m still thinking about the Witness Protection program. What if you had to come up with a new identity? What name would you choose? Who would you become? The same man that I wrote about earlier — the one who now lies buried in a cemetery here, far from his New Jersey home — once said to me, because I was intrigued about having the opportunity to give myself a brand new name — “Yeah? You think it’s so easy? You think of a new name — first and last — and you let me know when I see you again next week.” So I did. Admittedly it was a for-fun exercise in my case but I am wondering what names people would choose, given the opportunity to pick for themselves.  And in case you were wondering…………Lily McNeil.

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2 Responses

  1. And your last name??? Got one, Iris?

  2. Linda D'Alessio says:

    and I Iris

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