Once when I was struggling with a decision, I took a long walk and was aware of a raven trailing close, watching me and occasionally calling out.  Since then I see ravens everywhere. A lone raven sat on the welcome sign as we entered Stonehenge last summer. Near the Grand Coulee Dam recently, a pair of ravens was nesting overhead where we stopped at an overlook.  At a certain point in my morning walk, a raven consistently flies to a nearby treetop and calls a greeting — or maybe it’s a warning, though my preference is to think of it as a greeting.  Large statues of ravens stand at the entrance to my favorite resort — this, I considered an especially good omen the first time I visited there.  Yesterday evening on my bike ride a raven swooped down across the road, not five feet in front of me.  I love believing that I have a totem animal.

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  1. Jean rose says:

    I miss the Ravens I had at my other house. They were very good friends. Haven’t seen any here.

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