A woman with a sad face told me that she and her husband were like roommates.  She said that they had settled into such a standard routine after so many years together, their relationship had lost meaning.  I personally think routines are nice, stabilizing things to have in a relationship so if she was looking to garner sympathy, she had come to the wrong person. A good roommate is a person with whom we can totally be ourselves all the time, no matter what.  It’s someone who is there for us when we want to talk in the middle of the night.  A roommate will laugh with us, and comfort us when we cry or worry. A good roommate will help shovel snow and vacuum the floor or clean the toilets. Passion ebbs and flows  in a long term relationship — finding someone who is also a good roommate is something to be appreciated. The next best thing is a dog — they’re not much help with the cleaning chores but aside from that, dogs make excellent roommates.

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  1. Karl says:

    Cats too, sometimes.

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