Running on Empty

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Two days ago I went to Costco right before dinner and broke one of the cardinal rules of shopping:  Thou shalt not set foot in a Costco store with an empty stomach.  If samples are being handed out I can snack on demo foods and the worst that happens is I end up buying one of the things I’ve tasted.  Going shortly before closing with no chance of in-store snacks and being hungry, qualifies as just plain dumb.  I had a list and I got the stuff on it but everything looked so good!  I already had a big package of salad greens in my cart and decided that I better have some of that dressing in the restaurant-sized bottle. Entrees to go with all that salad?  No problem.  Plenty of big packages of meat and fish from which to choose. And fruit. Oh my goodness, organic raspberries and blueberries — and in such nice, large tubs!  Overall, I didn’t buy junk but that twelve-pack of Annie’s macaroni and cheese that I loaded into my cart? No good can come of it.

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  1. Dick Kunkel says:

    Very funny and very true. And very delicious. I know, because I was with her on this most recent trip. Unfortunately you pay a price when you go to Costco very late in the day in order to avoid the crush of early and mid-day crowds.

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