Spatial Awareness

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My daughter-in-law who nannies for several children, recently said that if she has taught the kids only one thing — not to walk in one direction while looking in another — she will feel that she has been successful.  Around our house we refer to this as “spatial awareness” and it’s a subject of discussion more often than you might imagine. Not only could my husband and I both easily be classified as “frequent fallers”, I am the master of running into things or bashing my head on an open cupboard, the car door or the freezer while my husband has a propensity to step on pets here at home and small children at stores.  A psychic many years ago told him — possibly as he was running into her with a cart while buying groceries — that he is a relatively new soul and he just isn’t used to his earthly form — and now he’s got a cushy, New Age-y excuse. She didn’t say that to me — not sure what my justification is.

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