The Simple Things in Life

balance-15712_788x525 copyI’m working on being more mindful — and part of that is finding contentment in simple, ordinary things.  I’ve noticed a common theme in conversations with friends — a lot of people are at what I call the is-this-all-there-is stage of life.  It’s the time when children are grown, jobs have ended and retirement is the new normal. We’re suddenly very aware of how incredibly fast the years have sped past.  How did we get to have grandchildren who are teenagers?  Weren’t our own high school years not that long ago?  Who is the person who looks back at us from the mirror these days?  If it sounds like I’m going to segue into “Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof, don’t worry — I won’t. But it’s a wonderfully amazing thing to observe, appreciate and for sure, to laugh about.  One of the goals I have is to find pleasure in everyday, small things.  Hey, I’m enjoying a long walk with my dog!!! It’s starting to feel like spring today!!!!!  I’m out this morning, having breakfast with my friends and this Eggs Benedict is delicious!!!  I’m nestled into the sofa with a blanket and my husband, totally enjoying watching Downton Abbey!!!!  Everything depends on my perception.  It’s all about the number of exclamation points I mentally decide to add.

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