Wet Floors

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My hands dripped water across the floor as I walked from the sink to the air dryer in a public bathroom a couple of weeks ago and I puzzled over who in the world might have designed this restroom, with the two things so far apart.  Since then, I’ve observed that it seems to be a fairly common issue — very often the sinks are way across the room from the paper towel dispenser or the air dryer and it seems to be fairly consistent whether the bathroom happens to be inside a gas station or in a nice restaurant. It doesn’t seem that it need be rocket science, keeping the floor from being wet, slippery and treacherous — and the only thing I can imagine is that there must be some reason I don’t understand,  involving plumbing or wiring in the walls, that makes it difficult to achieve a more efficient configuration. I wish I had engineering skills — I would like to solve this.

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  1. Karl says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The world abounds with dumb designs. Case in point – consider the roads and streets in and around Dallas. I rest my case.
    The design engineers should have to come and actually USE what they have designed. Only then MIGHT it change.

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