What’d You Say????

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I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that men and women think differently — and for the most part, I believe that men tend to be more literal than women are.  Though my husband will cheerfully take out the trash or mow the lawn whenever I ask, I can’t idly comment on how full the garbage can is or how long the grass has gotten and have him assume that those things should be done.  There’s absolutely no reason I can’t take out the trash or mow the lawn myself — I am just struck by the basic differences in communication.  I think that if we can’t cherish those differences — maybe we can learn to appreciate them a little. If not, stuff like that pretty easily leads to contention — and who wants that in a relationship?  I suspect men feel the same confusion over communication.  Remember Norm on the television show “Cheers?”  He had an easy answer:  “Women.  Can’t live with ’em………Pass the beer nuts.”



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