Don’t Ask


I learned something yesterday: Ask.  Or maybe I should say don’t ask.  The handle for my crock pot cover has been broken for a while and it requires a minor feat of engineering to remove the lid, an especially difficult task when the cooker is filled with hot food.  I’m strongly opposed to chucking working appliances that only need a part and I went online to see if I could get a replacement top.  The number of pages with models and options was overwhelming so my husband suggested he call the company and order one.  Without any urging whatsoever, they offered to send a new lid, free of charge. I was so pleased that I asked him to order a replacement part for my rice cooker.  Same result — a new part, free of charge.  He had inquired only about ordering parts — he didn’t complain, didn’t ask for or suggest a freebie.  I’m wondering what would happen if he called to order a small part for our television or dishwasher or stove. Those don’t need anything — I’m just curious how much of a roll we’re on.

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2 Responses

  1. Judi says:

    Can I borrow Dick next time something breaks?

  2. Dick Kunkel says:

    As the husband involved in these minor windfalls, I should note that my approach with customer service departments, though certainly not foolproof, tends to work best when couched with generous praise for the company and the product – and with no detectable sense of entitlement to a freebie. These folks hear complaints all day long and they are often quite happy to hear from very satisfied customers whom they know they can make even happier at minor company expense. Most large firms have a budget just for that purpose. It creates great word-of-mouth.

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