What the heck ever happened to clothes lines, I wonder. Years ago everyone hung clothes outside, even in the winter when the stuff froze and took a long time to dry.  If we were gone and a summer storm came up, neighbors would rush over and take our clothes down for us — the same way the milkman would come into our house and put the bottles of milk in the fridge if we weren’t home when he got there.  I actually do have a clothes line — one of those umbrella style things on a metal post but a clothes line nonetheless.  I decided to go retro yesterday and except for the towels, hung all the wash outside.  I knew I would love the way everything smelled and I hoped that would outweigh the stiffness of the t-shirts. I’m so used to using a dryer though, that I forgot about them — and the fact that sprinklers come on overnight.  Those clothes were well rinsed.

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2 Responses

  1. Meliss says:

    Didn’t they smell like smoke too? Yesterday’s dose was terrible!

    • Mary Kunkel/Lightly Tethered Admin says:

      Actually, no. Or else I’ve gotten used to the smoke the past couple of days and I didn’t notice!

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