Deer on the Offensive

Last week there was an attack deer in my back yard.  Apparently she had not read Chapter Four, Section Seven of the Bambi Manual which states, “Thou shalt not run at and try to hoof the people in whose yard thou hast been sheltering”.  Two days in a row, this deer would not let my dog Cinnamon and me pass from our deck to the back gate for our morning walk and Cinnamon was slightly ‘hoofed’ in the process.  Cinnamon occasionally chases deer that jump the fence and come into our yard, and having the reverse happen was moderately bruising to her ego as well as to her physical self.  I figured that mama doe had a baby stashed somewhere out there, possibly in the shelter under the lilacs or maybe beneath the weeping willow tree — and today I saw a beautiful little fawn frolicking through the yard with mom close by, watching. I guess walking out there will be off limits for a while.  Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the yard.

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3 Responses

  1. Karl says:

    I feel bad for Cinnamon. First, beat up by a cat, and then, a deer. Poor Cinnamon.

  2. Judi Fischer says:

    Picture please, I love seeing the fawns.

  3. Greta Rizzuti says:

    Back in the early 60’s when my son Mark was about 4 years old, he came in and said his new friend wanted an apple. Where did your friend come from, I asked. She didn’t say he replied. Very curious I went out to see the “friend” who turned out to be a Doe. Knowing this could be dangerous, I got an apple and put it on the ground and took Mark in the house where we watched her eat the apple and then jump the fence back into the woods.

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