We went to a brunch buffet yesterday and I remembered that several years ago we took my husband’s mother to one of these.  She was heading down the long, hard road of dementia but hadn’t yet gotten to the point where she didn’t enjoy going out to a restaurant with us.  She was walker-dependent and I went with her to the buffet bar, figuring I could carry her plate of food and possibly help her make choices.  She was intrigued by everything.  “What about this?” I’d ask and she’d exuberantly say “Yes!” to each and every offering.  We made our way back to the table, her plate piled high with food.  She sat down and I put the full plate in front of her.  “My, but they give you a lot of food here!” she said with astonishment when she sat down and looked at it.  A sweet, funny story that makes us smile every time.

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