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I’m enrolled in another round of Spanish-for-retired-people through the local community college and I’m enjoying it immensely — except that sometimes I feel stressed because it’s difficult and I’m not the smartest kid in the class these days.  When I was growing up, it was mostly easy to get A’s — and well, the truth is………….now it’s not.  While there aren’t any actual grades in this class and it’s just for fun, I can tell that in the uses of the preterit and imperfect verb tenses, I’ve fallen behind a little and I’m feeling kind of remedial.  Several of the people in my class travel to Mexico and central America on a fairly regular basis and some have a Spanish background from high school still buried in their brains.  I console myself by telling my psyche that those are the things that account for their ability to show off in class with their perfect grammar.  And then I come home and pout a little.  What would be more beneficial would be to remind myself that I’m doing fine, there is not some GRE for which I need to prepare, and I’m having a really good time learning a new language.

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