Walking and Singing

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When we lived on an island off the coast of North Carolina a bunch of years ago, our house sat on a dead end road surrounded by dunes and sand paths leading to the village behind it.  One of the local kids who was about fifteen at the time, used to come home through there and I would hear him singing at the top of his lungs to whatever music he was listening to on some music device, head set on and oblivious to anything around him.  I don’t remember if he had a good voice or was gifted at singing — what I remember was the joy and abandon of his vocalizing as he made his way home in the evening through the scrub pine along those sand paths in back of our house.  I doubt he knew — or cared — that anyone was listening.  I tried it the other day when I was out walking with my dog.  Bruce Springsteen and I ……………we were a great combo.  I’m not known in any way for my singing talent and I don’t know what the people living along there thought but it felt good. Walking and singing out loud………….. I recommend it.

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  1. Karen Vache says:

    Do you recommend walking and singing over dancing naked while playing the harmonica?

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