Home for Wayward Babydolls

The Home for Wayward Babydolls is a wonderfully creepy place in eastern Kentucky. Babydolls that have been lost, run over, or thrown away get a new home. Missing arms, legs or eyes?  No problem.  All are welcome on the grounds of Cecil and Bet Ison’s place in Elliottville. The abandoned dolls greet you at the picket fence, they sit on the porch, they lounge on the grounds, and eventually they become one with the elements. My understanding is that the Ison family met with some resistance when they first began taking in these orphan boarders but that the neighboring places have developed a tolerance and acceptance, if not a deep love for these childhood wounded warriors.  I’m glad for people like Cecil and Bet, I think they make the world much more interesting.  Many years ago we lived in eastern Kentucky and when I get back to that neck of the woods, I’m visiting this place.

There’s no website, but there is a Facebook page.  It is:




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5 Responses

  1. Karen V. says:

    I do find it a little creepy. Like maybe a setting for a Stephen King novel

  2. Jean rose says:

    Is that a hint

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