Grocery Store Politics


The other day at the grocery store the kid who bagged my stuff walked out into the parking lot with me and when we got to my car, wondered if he could ask me a question.  I thought he was trying to figure out how to move the bike rack on the back of my car to accommodate opening the hatch back and putting in the bulky bags — instead it turned out he was looking at the two bumper stickers that I have on my vehicle.  For many years my husband had a job that made it inappropriate for me to make political statements so when he retired I lost no time in affixing a couple of my favorites to the back window of my car.  This young man asked my thoughts on several candidates and we had an interesting conversation.  He was fascinated by the entire electoral process and as we stood in the parking lot, he rattled off statistics and data about every one of the candidates.  He is still researching and doesn’t yet know who he will vote for — but vote he will.  And anyone working as hard as he is to get information, gets my approval. If this kid is an indication of the future, I have hope.

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