Hindsight is Twenty-Twenty


A bunch of years ago when we were having a bathroom remodeled, the workmen took out the existing toilet and put it in the driveway, intending to haul it off when installation of the new one was complete.  When I backed out of the garage with my beautiful little vintage 1966 Volkswagen bug, I totally forgot it was there and did the only thing I could do. I ran right over it. Well, not right over it, more like I crashed right into it and I’m positive you’d have done exactly the same thing.  So I took my cherished little bug to the body shop, where they fixed it up as good as new and I provided the people there with great glee surrounding the circumstances of my mishap. Strangely enough, in all their years in the car repair business, the people there hadn’t yet encountered someone running over a toilet.  The body shop’s accountant was particularly delighted over the situation and I didn’t mind her joking about my plight — in a town of this size, I doubted I’d see her again. A few months later, the place where my husband worked hired a new office manager.  Yep.  The same woman.  As long as my husband worked there, I couldn’t pass her office without imagining  a small smirk on her face as I walked by.

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