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exchange-of-ideas-796139_788x788copyHere’s my advice:  Don’t tell your someone that he/she talks too much.  I have been a talker since I first opened my mouth and it hurt my feelings over the years when people told me to stop asking so many questions or stop talking altogether.  My husband, bless his heart,  has lived with me for 47 years and — even though he has possibly and very probably thought it — he has never once, though he might not always be listening — told me to stop talking to him.  I recently woke him at two in the morning to inquire what the capital of Saskatchewan might be. Although it absolutely goes above and beyond the call of duty to be good natured about something like this, he knows that my mind is like a squirrel cage — sometimes even in the middle of the night. And though I expect to hear a few Z’s while I’m yakking at him in those wee small hours, he always tries.  PS:  It’s Regina.




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