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A man said to me as an election for increased library funding approached, “Why would I vote for that?  When I want a book I just go out and buy it.”  I was dumbstruck.  Libraries were a mainstay of my family when I was growing up, for my children when they were young and are now for my kids’ kids.  I think libraries are truly amazing and I’m flummoxed by the number of people who don’t use the library or don’t possess a library card.  I know of a third grade teacher who requires that his students have their own card — I like that idea.  The biggest issue I have is choosing among everything available.  One of my sons as a little boy had the same problem and one too many times after helping him lug books as we walked home, I made a rule:  “You can only borrow as many as you can carry by yourself.”  Now that he’s an adult, between his own checkouts and his children’s, I’m pretty sure I saw more than an armful of library books at his house last time I was there.  Maybe the rule now applies to how many can fit in the car.

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