Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

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Reflected sense of self.  I read that phrase in a book a couple of years ago and it stuck with me.  In that particular book, a reflected sense of self referred to not defining myself through my partner, my partner’s job or appearance or importance within the community.  It could also be stretched to include my own job, financial situation, house, car or anything else of mine.  None of those things are who I am, none of it makes me any more or any less than any other person on the planet.  Not more than the person I see collecting food stamps or eating at a charity hall, not less than the person with the huge house, expensive car or a bunch of degrees behind his name.  I’ve quoted my friend Tom before and I’ll probably quote him again:  We are all the same.

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  1. Karl says:

    This reminds me of a tag line I saw recently on an automobile commercial. “Be yourself…everyone else is taken.” How true.

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