Teenage Retaliation

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There was a teacher in my high school who was unpopular with a lot of the kids.  He wasn’t a bad teacher as I recall — it seemed to me that he tried hard to be likable and effective in the classroom.  The fault lay in the fact that he was a gangly, Ichabod Crane sort of man with little charisma or sense of humor. The boys in that class took it upon themselves to demonstrate to this man how much they disliked him and found out where he lived — not a difficult feat in a town of a thousand people — and toilet-papered the trees and yard in front of his house one night.  They were pretty proud and I can’t imagine that this man didn’t know who was responsible.  Yet the teacher never made mention of it as far as I know and I never heard of repercussions. He just kept teaching.  It was a rude, disrespectful thing for the boys to do — but then, sixteen year old boys can be pretty dumb and immature.  I don’t know if that man stayed in the profession — if it was what he wanted, I hope he stuck with it.

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