You Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do

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I’ve had so many positive results from acupuncture over the years that I recently encouraged my husband to try it and wasn’t surprised when it worked well for him too.  I also wasn’t surprised when he expressed frustration over not understanding how it worked — he is a “why” sort of guy who likes to have a logical explanation superimposed upon everything.  I did a bunch of searching online and found what I thought was a great interpretive page on the subject — but it used words like chi and meridian which, though familiar to me with my background in bodywork, didn’t necessarily resonate for him. When he said he was looking for the actual “reason” why acupuncture worked, I realized that what his brain craved was a Western explanation and eventually I found information that made him happy.  The situation made me think:  How often in life have I refused to accept someone’s explanation because it didn’t happen to be the one that I wanted.

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  1. Judi Fischer says:

    I’ve tried to get up my nerve to try it. So far the fact that I don’t know anyone that is doing it to get a reference and that it’s needles has detered me. I am a chicken.

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