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I have a friend with a dog that she acquired through Guide Dogs for the Blind.  The two of them went through extensive training and have been together for several months now.  I ran into them at a computer store the other day — I was finishing a class there and my friend was just beginning one.  Her normally low key, placid dog was a teensy bit fidgety and my friend explained that the dog had to go potty.  I said that I would be happy to escort the dog outside but I didn’t know the protocol in handling a service dog.  “No problem,” she told me.  “When you take off her guide dog lead, just hook the leash to her collar and treat her like a regular dog.”  She was right.  The dog cheerfully trotted off with me and we walked until we found a nice grassy area a few blocks away.  When I returned, the dog went back “on duty” and slipped immediately into that role.  I was astounded that this amazing dog absolutely knew the difference between when she was working and when she was not.  It was kind of like Mr Rogers changing into his cardigan and sneakers.  But way more impressive.

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  1. Karl says:

    “Cats rule, dogs drool” doesn’t apply here, that’s for sure!! A very touching story, Mary.

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