Spinning Wheel, Got To Go Round

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A lot of my memories seem to have diners, restaurants or cafes as backdrops and I remember stopping at one of those train car diners a long time ago someplace in Pennsylvania. Our kids were little and three boys in the span of three and a half years meant they were darn close together in age.  I was young, I was tired and we were all hungry. Our oldest, who was four at the time, was intent on spinning the stools along the counter.  I kept trying to get him to stop, he kept persisting, and finally the owner came out from the kitchen in the back.  “Stop,” she said to him.  Oh no, I thought, feeling embarrassed.  She went on and said to him, “Now watch me.  THIS is how you do it.”  And she rushed from stool to stool, getting them all to spin fast and at the same time.  He was delighted and I still feel grateful for the wonderful gift she gave to a tired mother.

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