Work Pride

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We were out running errands yesterday and stopped for a quick lunch at a fast food place.  The person who took our order was genuinely upbeat and friendly — and while we were eating I saw her zoom out the door to personally hand some folks their drive-through order, which had taken more time than she thought appropriate.  She came back inside and delivered food to a nearby table where a pregnant woman sat stuffed in a booth, so that person wouldn’t have to carry the tray full of food.  Then I saw her cleaning the outside of the soda machine and smiling while she did it.  After that we went to Costco and as I was walking through an aisle of clothes I came across an employee bending down and scraping a sticky spot off the floor with a razor blade.  “I’m keeping this place spic and span, have a great day” he called out with a wave and a smile when I walked past. What some people consider to be less than perfect jobs, performed with self confidence, self respect and a measure of true joy.  Thanks, you guys!  I left both places feeling it was an even better day than it had been.

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  1. Karl says:

    I completely agree with you. And did you know that the average – AVERAGE – hourly wage at Costco for regular workers is $20/hour. Who cares whether or not the pay made them happy about their jobs? Kudos to Costco for trying to help better its’ employees by paying a decent wage. They’re WAAAAY ahead of the rest of the country.

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