The pictures of the vintage cars in Cuba are making me think about my own vehicle.  Compared to the awesome ones in the photos, mine is boring and practically new, though it’s an SUV we bought almost twenty years and 200,000 miles ago.  I love my car and consciously emit good vibes to it every time I’m in the driver’s seat.  I’ve never understood the need to replace a car just for the sake of  buying a new one. To me, a car is a means of transportation and not a whole lot more — as long as it’s mechanically reliable and reasonably comfortable, I’m happy. It might be nice if I could tell a Chevy from a BMW or an Audi but I can’t — not unless I get up close enough to actually read the logo attached to the vehicle.  I see lots of new gadgets that have been added to cars and admittedly, some of them are cool — but for my taste, not reason enough to change vehicles and spend a bunch of money. I know plenty of people who definitely see things differently — and when I get to the point that my car needs so many repairs that it starts to cost more than another one would, I’ll stop my reverse snobbery and start looking.  Until then, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that if I actually love it enough,  it will continue to live on, perhaps indefinitely.

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