I Hear Ya!

My hearing sucks. There. I’ve said it. For years I’ve been telling my husband he would benefit from hearing aids but it wasn’t until last year, when my son’s family was visiting, I discovered my own hearing was crap. We were out in the country, hiking along an old railroad track when my son said, “Whoa, those tree frogs are super loud!” Tree frogs? What tree frogs? I heard nothing except what we were saying to each other. He told me to cup my hands around my ears and listen again and when I did,  I couldn’t believe the racket! I hadn’t been able to hear that particular pitch at all. Off I went to have my hearing tested. It wasn’t terrible but was on the way to becoming marginal. Part of my hearing loss I suppose could be genetic, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t help matters by exercising with loud music playing through headphones and now ear buds for the past fifty years. After reading studies saying people who don’t deal with hearing loss are more likely to suffer from dementia as they age, I was sold. The funny thing is, every single women except one that I’ve told about my purchase has had exactly the same response. Every time, without variation. “My husband really needs them!” The hearing aids are essentially invisible, and I love the Bluetooth capability for my phone and laptop. I can’t figure out why so many women seem to be in such denial about their own hearing. My husband ended up getting some too and now I think of us as a “fully hearing household”. At any rate, I can attest there’s a whole lot less “What????” being said around here these days.


Photo courtesy of Viki_B at Pixabay.com

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